Wally Noble - Workplace Health & Safety Speaker

Health & Safety Presentations

I am available to come to your workplace and share my story in the hope of inspiring strong Health & Safety attitudes - I believe that this is the beginning of a healthy safety culture within all organisations. Below you will see points that I generally cover in my Health & Safety presentations although I am happy to customise a presentation to suit your organisations' individual requirements.

My upbringing/workplace history

Drawing reference to how my safety attitude was borne out of a early model of workplace safety standards (early 1980’s) and my reluctance towards change, even for the better, and also how my ego played its part in forming my decision making.


My 20 years plus experience in the Scaffolding industry, and how it influenced my attitude and ego in the days leading up to my accident

Day of accident

  • The induction process – The flaws.
  • My attitude at the induction- My flaws.
  • My influence on other workers safety attitudes who were present.

The accident

An account of my actions and thoughts leading up to my accident… my ‘Fall from grace’

The Aftermath

  • My injury
  • My dark times, for me and my loved ones.
  • Anger, grief, depression ruling my world

The comeback

A defining moment that instigated a change in thinking from the cup being half empty to the cup being half full.

My challenges and achievements

  • Going back to school
  • Being social again
  • Being active from the chair
  • Finding my mojo for living life again


A ten year journey of ups and downs. Recognising I have turned this accident into something positive. Using my experiences to give hope and inspiration to others, disabled or not. Sharing my workplace Health & Safety story to help in the prevention of workplace accidents.

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